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Pilates Inspired exercise and rehabilitation for intelligent practitioners.

We merge the art of Pilates with the science of physiotherapy and exercise physiology to deliver contemporary rehabilitation and exercise courses for health and fitness practitioners.

We specialise in Training you to train and rehabilitate your clients.

We use a practical “hands on” clinical approach to training that equips you to immediately start working with your clients and improving their physical outcomes, pain and disability.

Health fund changes- changes to policy on Pilates

We are still delivering a great exercise system to practitioners but changing our product’s name to manage the health fund changes that have come about due to the Federal Health department’s decision about Pilates exercise. Somehow Clinical Pilates delivered by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists has been put into the same bucket as many scientifically unfounded alternative therapies.

Renaming what we do is now necessary for health fund clients.

History of Joseph Pilates

joseph pilates 01Joseph Pilates, the founder of “Pilates” was many years ahead of his time in his understanding of movement control and the importance of core stability and how movement needed a strong core. He called the core muscles the Powerhouse in his 1945 publication and was writing of the importance of light engagement of these muscles in functional standing stipulating 25% bracing leaving a 75% reserve in case it is required. 

Contemporary research by physiotherapists at UQ in the late 1980s reconfirmed the importance of light constant engagement of deep core muscles when in upright positions. They also recommended 20-25% engagement of these muscles in relaxed standing positions.

Our training is recognised by:
Australian Pilates Method Association
Australian Physiotherapy Association
Fitness Australia


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Our face to face training courses have resumed! We are also offering live online Zoom training for Matwork, Small Apparatus and Pelvic floor function for people that live further away but still want to participate in our courses.