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We are physiotherapists specialising in Pilates and Pilates training for physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, exercise scientists, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists and fitness instructors.

We have been training physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and Fitness instructors in Clinically based exercise inspired by original Pilates exercises, but very much modified to cater for the modern science of exercise. 

We have been training physiotherapists, EPs and fitness instructors for over 23 years.

Course presenters

Jenny Birckel - APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist
Jenny is the director of The Pilates Institute of Queensland that conducts Pilates training courses for physiotherapists. She has been working with Pilates for over 20 years and has operated and owned studios for over 18 years.
Jenny has worked worked with dancers and athletes for over 20 years with one of her practices being located in a full time dance school. Her clientele also include junior elite swimmers, ice skaters, tennis players, sailors, rowers, back pain clients and older clientele concerned about their mobility, balance and overall wellness. She has worked in the past with rugby, soccer, netball. 
Jenny’s sporting interests have included ice skating, dressage riding, scuba diving, soccer, tough football and currently outrigger canoeing. 
Rebecca Fechtner - B Phty
After spending many childhood and early adult years training as a dancer, Rebecca developed a keen interest in health and movement studies, hence her choice of a career as a physiotherapist. Whilst studying at the University of Queensland, she was influenced by leading researchers undertaking critical research into the field of core stabilization training and its influence in the prevention of injury and rehabilitation of spinal pain. Considering this influence and her history in dance, Rebecca decided to steer her career in the direction of rehabilitation and performance enhancement through core stability training, that is, Pilates.
Rebecca has trained and gained experience in Pilates through numerous institutes throughout the UK and Australia. She has worked as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor for many years, helping clients with many different backgrounds from elite athletes to clients with neurological dysfunction.
After completing a Cert IV in workplace training and assessment in 2008, Rebecca joined the team at The Pilates Institute of Queensland. She very much enjoys sharing her passion for Pilates with others as a course educator. 


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PreglatesTM DVD's

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