Pilates Matwork - Level 1

Pilates Matwork

Level 1

For Physiotherapists/Exercise Physiologists / Exercise Scientists/ Fitness Professionals 
Final year allied health students are also welcome to attend 

This course covers Pilates Matwork exercises suitable for beginners and rehab clientele through to intermediate level fitness classes.

You will learn foundation level Pilates movements and progressions of these. We include Traditional Pilates exercises and more. 

Contemporary modified exercises. In this course we look at contemporary research into scapular, core and pelvic stability and what Pilates exercises can assist with graded strengthening of these areas.

Level 1 Matwork covers over 125 exercises. Most of the course is practical and includes learning the exercise, what check points are required for optimal performance, cueing the exercises, and teaching technique to clients.

The course will include a demonstration class. Assessment will include a small group project on day 2  – design and deliver a class with a specific clientele as the focus.

Physiotherapists and ESSA candidates will be assessed on the course.

Fitness Australia candidates will need to complete a multiple choice & short answer quiz after the course, they need to log 15 hours of self-practice and make a video of a class that you have designed and deliver to at least 2-3 people.

Course Duration: 2 days 
Course material: Level 1 Pilates  Matwork training manual 


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