Matwork – Level 2 BRISBANE

Matwork – Level 2 BRISBANE

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Prerequisite: Matwork Level 1

The Level 2 Matwork Course is a fusion of advanced Matwork – some traditional and some inspired by contemporary research and Pilates exercises using small apparatus.

Our Level 2 Matwork course will include more advanced repertoire to challenge an advanced clientele.

Using small apparatus gives the Pilates professional a much bigger repertoire of exercises. It includes safe closed chain exercises at one end of the spectrum and moves into intermediate and very advanced exercises suitable for athletes and long term Pilates devotees.

We have extrapolated many of the large equipment exercises (Reformer, Trap table) to exercises that can be performed on small apparatus:- Swiss balls, Foam rollers , Pilates rings, Therabands and Theratubes tubes. The small equipment can add more support to a client and make an exercise safer for a beginner, it can add more load or it can add more instability and therefore stimulate an activation response from the deep trunk stabilizers.

Adding small apparatus to a client’s homework is a great way to improve compliance as most people like to work with some equipment and having made the financial outlay to buy a ball, roller or band they are more inclined to get stuck into their home programme.

A good background in Level 1 Matwork and ability to perform such is a prerequisite to this course. The content is quite intensive so we assume you are fit and injury free, well versed in basic Pilates exercises, Pilates principles, and applied anatomy. (Matwork 1 in other Pilates training methods is accepted as pre-entry)

Post course work requirements

This applies to professionals with background other than physiotherapy, exercise science or physiology.
It will include:
- An online written exam about each exercise – to be completed in your time after the course.
- Producing a 45 minute long videorecording of yourself instructing a small class of friends or you can come to our studio and take  a mock class.
- Logging 15 hours of self practice, and 15 hours practice teaching classes with consenting family and friends.

This course is recognised by Fitness Australia and Accredited by ESSA. Physiotherapists accrue 1 point per hour for ongoing education.


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    18 April 2020

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    19 April 2020

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    09:00:00 - 17:00:00

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    130a Quay Street BULIMBA QLD 4171 (Street parking available)



Jenny Birckel

Jenny Birckel

Titled APA Sports Physiotherapist

Rebecca Fechner

Rebecca Fechner

B Phty Level 4 APMA Member

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