Pelvic Floor Fitness & Function

Pelvic Floor Fitness & Function

For Physiotherapists / Exercise Physiologists / Exercise Scientists
Final year allied health students are also welcome to attend

This course is designed by physiotherapists so you can care for your clients as you are exercising them back to optimal function. Its not just about Pilates exercises.

Gain a better understanding of this muscle group and learn how to integrate pelvic floor training into your client’s exercise routines.

This course covers

  • What can go wrong - Pelvic floor injuries and pelvic pain
  • How to activate correctly- Are you pulling your pelvic floor up or pushing it down.
  • How do you cue for best pelvic floor function
  • Breathing patterns to enhance pelvic floor function
  • How do you position your back and pelvis for best pelvic floor function
  • What poor muscle patterns do you spot for and correct
  • What exercises are detrimental to the pelvic floor
  • What exercises should you avoid at all cost
  • What exercises help
  • What synergistic muscles enhance pelvic floor training
  • Antenatal and Post-natal exercise considerations for the pelvic floor
  • Pelvic floor considerations in older clients

We include a training session with real time ultrasound.

This course is accredited with ESSA – 6 CECs. Physiotherapist accrue 1 point per hour for ongoing education.


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