All of our courses are a clinical adaptions of traditional Pilates with significant modifications to address clinical conditions commonly encountered by health practitioners. Our focus is specificity to the client through thorough assessment and scientifically graded exercise.

Equipment – Level 2 BRISBANE

Equipment – Level 2 BRISBANE

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Prerequisite: Equipment Level 1.

This series of courses equips the physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and exercise scientist with the skills necessary to work in an equipment studio/rehabilitation setting/physiotherapy practice with Pilates large equipment.

These courses have been developed by a Sports physiotherapist merging contemporary rehabilitation research with Pilates and will be tutored by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. Rehabilitation systems and an advanced understanding of applied anatomy to the stabilising systems will be included in these courses.

Our Courses are conducted in 3 levels for Pilates Large Equipment - the Reformer, the Wunda chair and the Trapeze table (Cadillac) are included at each level. 

Level two Equipment covers:

The Pilates pre-assessment process – a proforma protocol that we use to thoroughly screen a client to ascertain weakness issues, poor movement patterns, tight muscles and postural issues that need to be addressed in the design of a Clinical Pilates programme. 

Intermediate level exercise repertoire on the Reformer, Trap table (Cadillac) and Wunda chair. Some of this is traditional Pilates’ repertoire and many exercises are designed from our understanding of rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy. We move from neutral spinal positions to more range of motion. We add more instability in some exercises, more load, and complexity of movement in others. 

Design of client specific programmes.  This will be scoped from the repertoire gained from level one work then the level 2 repertoire. 

Your skills in Pilates programme prescription based on the findings of the assessment will be examined.     


  • completion of musculoskeletal assessment protocol on fellow course participants 
  • demonstration of an understanding of elements of the assessment
  • completion of workbook during the course
  • designing a “client specific” programme for a course participant that you have assessed based on level 1 and 2 repertoire. 

Taking that fellow course participant through the programme that you have designed demonstrating your ability to understand the purpose of the exercise, being able to demonstrate it, facilitate correct movement patterns in the “client”, spot incorrect movement patterns and correct these.

This course is Accredited by ESSA. Physiotherapists accrue 1 point per hour for ongoing education.

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Jenny Birckel

Jenny Birckel

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