Health fund changes - changes to policy on Pilates 

We are still delivering a great exercise system to practitioners but changing our product’s name to manage the health fund changes that have come about due to the Federal Health department’s decision about Pilates exercise.  Somehow Clinical Pilates delivered by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists has been put into the same bucket as many scientifically unfounded alternative therapies. 

Renaming what we do is now necessary for health fund clients. 

Call it - Clinical Exercise Therapy, physiotherapy exercise, or invent your own name 

The foundation of physiotherapy, a main stream allied health discipline, and exercise physiology is treating and rehabilitating clients with injury using exercise specificity to the client and scientifically graded exercise. In our clinics we have always used a process of assessment, developing a treatment/ rehabilitation plan and implementing this to get a precise clinically directed outcome for our clients. We have always emphasised the importance of clinical notes for each client at each session and we reassess and upgrade our clients on a regular basis. We teach this assessment process, programme development and clinical note taking on our courses. Pilates has been a great adjunct to our clinical exercise therapy. Pilates equipment such as Reformers, Trap tables (Cadillacs) and Wunda chairs allow trained practitioners to design programmes that add support and assistance for early stages of injury recovery. Progressive exercise can add instability (thus the client has to find their stabilizing muscles) loading and more complex movements.

Joseph Pilates original exercises were mostly geared to elite dancers. Our expertise as physiotherapists has enabled us to design lower levels of load and difficulty so we can rehabilitate clients in a graded clinical way. Applying our clinical knowledge and comprehensive client assessments had allowed us to use Pilates to transform back rehabilitation and rehabilitation of other injuries.

CET Clinical Pilates is a systemised approach.


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